Zenoah engines and spare parts

Zenoah is a Japanese manufacturer of gasoline engines and belongs to the Husqvarna Group. The motors are used both in the industrial and in the private sector for chainsaws, lawn trimmers, blowers, etc. The Zenoah engines in our range have been specially developed for RC model making and have been the benchmark of competition for years. Most RC car racing uses engines of this brand.

Zenoah petrol engines for large scale models

Zenoah is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative gasoline engines in Japan. Even name and logo provide information about their constant pursuit of development. Zenoah is made up of the letters "ZE," which means "to challenge the future" and "Noah," which refers to the biblical story of Noah's Ark. The white triangular arrow of the logo symbolizes the sail of the ZeNoah ship and is intended to show that the brand is steering towards the future. At the same time, Zenoah can claim some prestigious industry awards. Their own product development team specializes in the development of patented and unique technologies and designs. Through these constant innovations and technological improvements, Zenoah's products are state-of-the-art.

Economy meets environmental protection

Zenoah attaches great importance to environmental protection. The development of environmentally friendly products is just as important as their cost-effectiveness. The engines are designed in such a way that they are of the utmost benefit for the users and at the same time save the environment through reduced emissions.

Zenoah engines for your RC model

The heart of every RC model is of course its engine. The Zenoah engines have been the benchmark of all things in the competition for years. While the G230  and G240 models are suitable for all 2WD classes, whether on-road or off-road, G270, G290 and G320 are for all 4WDs. The G270 is ideal for buggies, as this engine is also EFRA approved. Fans of motors who like to have a bit more power will find favor with the G290 and the G320. The Zenoah RC engines do not only fit in car models 1:5, but also in RC boats, airplanes and helicopters.

Walbro carburetor

Walbro is the largest manufacturer of carburetors and offers solid and reliable products based on years of experience. This qualification led to a successful cooperation with Zenoah: All engines are equipped with a Walbro carburettor.

Zenoah spare parts

Even with an RC gasoline engine, one or the other damage can occur. Find the right spare parts for your Zenoah engine in our online shop. Our assortment reaches from silencer and carburettor seal, piston ring and ball bearing up to pull starter, shaft seal and much more. We guarantee fast delivery and competent advice. The satisfaction of our customers is our most important concern - and we work every day with the utmost dedication!