SkyRC is one of the leading manufacturers of RC accessories. The chargers, power supplies, speed controller and motors are characterized by high quality and are popular with both hobbyists and professionals.


SkyRC Technology Co., Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer of chargers, power supplies and speed controllers for RC model making. With high quality products and high customer satisfaction, SkyRC has earned a good reputation in the industry and earned the ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

Charging and discharging devices

SkyRC offers various products around the battery. With chargers in a variety of equipment, powerful dischargers and multi-function chargers to charge, discharge and maintain the batteries for optimum performance and life. Since battery safety is a top priority, many SkyRC chargers have a number of automatic safety shutdowns such as charging current limit, capacity limit, max. temperature or the charging time.

SkyRC D100 V2

The SkyRC D100 V2 Charger is a 2-channel charger with two independent outputs for charging a variety of cell technologies. The additional use as a power supply with a maximum output power of 100 W opens up new possibilities for the modeler. The unprecedented voice output makes operation even easier. Also integrated was the new "scan to go" function: This provides a solution that allows each battery to assign its own QR code. This QR code stores all relevant parameters for charging or discharging this battery. Once the code has been generated, it can be glued to the battery.

SkyRC S60 AC

The SkyRC S60 multi-function device for loading and unloading is characterized by its very compact design. It can charge almost all common battery types, including the new LiHV Lipos with a final voltage of 4.35V. The S60 can also be used as a lithium battery meter or to measure indoor resistance. A built-in powerful fan ensures that the S60 charger is supplied with enough cool air and does not overheat.

SkyRC Q200 AC/DC

The SkyRC Q200 is a 4-channel charger with four independent circuits to load four different types of batteries in parallel. Through active power distribution, the Q200 always provides the maximum possible power on each channel to reduce the load times. The Q200 can also be used as a lithium battery meter or to measure internal resistance.

Regulators, motors and accessories in our online shop

In addition to the various chargers, SkyRC also offers a wide range of controllers, motors and numerous accessories. In our online shop you will find toro brushless motors, programming boxes, heating systems for internal combustion engines, infrared thermometers, motor analyzers and much more. We guarantee fast delivery and competent advice. The satisfaction of our customers is our most important concern - and we work every day with the utmost dedication!