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Hobbywing is one of the leading manufacturers of brushless motors and control systems for RC models. Their products have been used successfully for cars, helicopters and planes for many years. While the XeRun  series with its brushless sensor motor is the right choice for professionals, the EzRun  series is a sensorless alternative, QuicRun is the cheaper option and especially designed for beginners and intermediate modelers. For helicopters there is the highend platinum series which is suitable for professional pilots as well as ambitious hobbyist.


The ultimate goal of Hobbywing is to provide RC enthusiasts with high-quality products, always keeping in mind "make the best even better". Hobbywing specialized in the production of RC brushless motors and ESCs. These are not only used in the hobby area, but in various industries: for example, industrial drones for agriculture, firefighting, mapping and electric vehicles such as skateboards or scooters are equipped with Hobbywing products.

Engines and ESCs for RC cars

Hobbywing offers a wide range of ESCs and complementary engines for RC models, which are used for competition as well as recreational use. The XeRun  series is designed for the most demanding professionals, the EzRun controllers and motors are for intermediate users and the QuicRun series for beginners and hobbyists. No matter what you choose, the Hobbywing products impress with top quality and long service life.

Electronic speed controllers for RC flying models

For the flight sector, whether aircraft, helicopters or multicopters, electronic flight controll systems or speed controllers are used. The Platinum series is the premium product for experts, FlyFun is suitable for both beginners and professionals whereas the cheaper SkyWalker controllers are the first choice for newbies. The latest Hobbywing products, the XRotor ESCs, are specially designed for multicopters. They are easy to handle and even more compatible with the motors due to the special firmware. All controllers are characterized by stability and have a high compatibility with many brushless motors.

Electronic speed controllers für RC boats

The Seaking series from Hobbywing is THE series for boat modeling. Whether hobby or high-end competition, there is something for everyone here. The waterproof design allows the usage in the water without any further precautions, the high-quality components and water cooling ensures a very good current carrying capacity. The special firmware for RC boats ensures more efficient acceleration and powerful driving.

Hobbywing accessories

In addition to regulators and motors, Hobbywing also produces high quality replacement parts and accessories  such as LCD programm boxes, WiFi Express modules, fans and sensor cables. All products are subject to the strict quality assurance by Hobbywing to ensure maximum safety and fun.