CEN Racing

CEN Racing focuses on the continuous optimization of quality and innovative manufacturing technologies. The production and development of the vehicles take place in the USA and Taiwan. Thanks to Robitronic's extensive product range, the CEN Racing vehicles such as the Reeper Monster Truck can be supplemented with additional batteries, chargers and spare parts such as the Threaded Hinge Pins GS 025.

RC Basher

In the world of RC sports, bashing means driving with a vehicle without any rules and regulations. Unlike racing, this means that there is no road, finish line or time measurement. It's about exploring the limits of the vehicle and not worrying too much about the landing, even if the truck jumps higher than planned. Small or even bigger accidents are unavoidable.

In order to be able to bash you need the right off-road vehicle: A truggy or a monster truck are ideal for dashing rough terrain, speeding runs, backflips or stunt jumps. These two off-roaders are characterized by more ground clearance and higher ruggedness than conventional cars and master easily forest soil, gravel roads and fields.

Although bashing is different than racing, it does not matter if you see yourself as a basher or racer, the most important thing is to have fun.